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Loc de munca - Port & Shopping Presenter - extern

Port & Shopping Presenter - PPI Group


O pozitie care implica cunoasterea la un nivel foarte ridicat a limbii engleze si a porturilor . Job ideal pentru cei cu experienta indelungata pe navele de croaziera . Experienta de peste 5 ani anuntata este introdusa de administratorul www.marinarii.ro si este recomandata .

Port & Shopping Presenter Job Description

As a Port & Shopping Presenter onboard a luxury cruise ship, you will be responsible for conducting live Port & Shopping Presentations,as well as Gemstone, Watch, & Brand Seminars in order to promote the shore side shopping program in the various port destinations. Your role onboard will be to educate and assist the cruise ship guests about the fantastic shopping ashore, while also saving them valuable time and money in the ports of call.

Products that you will be responsible for promoting onboard include fine jewelry, diamonds and other gemstones, Swiss and brand name timepieces, sculptures and artwork, collectibles, souvenirs, liquor, and much more. Sales training and product information is a key part of our training program before you head out to sea.

One of your most important selling and promoting tools will be the Recommended and Guaranteed Shopping Map that you will distribute, explain, and promote during your presentations and guest satisfaction hours onboard. This map is produced by The PPI Group and highlights each of the stores in the ports of call that participate in the cruise line’s Shopping Program, and lists the key items and special offers sold in these stores.
To view an 8-minute video, presented by Jamie Sage, Corporate Trainer, explaining our program, simply click the arrow in the below media player.

When in the ports of call, the Port & Shopping Presenter will visit each of the recommended and guaranteed stores on the Shopping Program, and will meet with the store managers, owners, or marketing representatives to discuss sales, ongoing and future promotions, and to brainstorm strategies to increase foot traffic and revenue for future port calls.

Below are some key bullet points outlining the main aspects of working onboard as a Port & Shopping Presenter:

Live Port & Shopping Presentation

Present information for an audience of 500-1000 cruise ship guests
Duration of the talk is usually 45 minutes to one hour
Presentation is recorded and replayed on the stateroom televisions throughout the cruise
Depending on the itinerary, you may give anywhere from 1-3 presentations per cruise
Presentations should be entertaining and informative
Gemstone, Watch & Brand Seminars

Seminars should be given in a more intimate setting, targeting interested shoppers (usually smaller groups of people will attend, often under 100 guests)
Seminar focus should be on specific gemstones, designer timepieces, as well as PPI-promoted International Brands
Frequency of seminars depends on the itinerary, with a minimum of one per cruise
Guest Satisfaction Desk Hours

The Port & Shopping Presenter will have a specific desk location onboard the ship, and will conduct desk hours each day or evening as a guest service
You will be expected to assist guests with their questions about the ports of call, shopping ashore, and any other general information
Desk hours are key times to pre-qualify guests for specific purchases and identify serious shoppers
You should make recommendations for specific items and stores during desk hours, distribute VIP cards, and make appointments to meet interested guests in stores ashore to assist them with any major purchases
Desk hours are also held at the conclusion of the cruise at sea (after visiting all ports of call) to assist with any customer service questions and issues
Desk hours should normally be conducted for a minimum of 2 hours per day
Gangway Duty

Port & Shopping Presenters are positioned at the gangway just after arrival into each port of call, and should be available here for a minimum of 1-2 hours
As cruise ship guests disembark the ship for the day, you will be able to answer any last-minute shopping or port-related questions
Shopping maps, VIP cards, and brochures should be available at the gangway during these hours
Socializing Onboard the Ship

Socializing with cruise ship guests and appearing at key functions onboard will increase the exposure of the shopping program
Being available for guest assistance, questions, and guidance is an important part of the Port & Shopping Presenter’s role onboard
Merchant Visits Ashore

Building and maintaining relationships with the shore side merchants is key to the development of the Shopping Program as well as achieving sales targets
The Port & Shopping Presenter should discuss sales and promotional ideas for the store for future calls in order to increase revenue
The number of stores in each port vary, and can range in number from 1-40
It is imperative that the Port & Shopping Presenter visit each store on the Shopping Program in each port of call, as excellent time management skills are required for this position
When in the stores, the Port & Shopping Presenters will also be available to assist cruise ship guests with purchases and questions

There is a minimal amount of administration involved at the conclusion of each cruise, therefore organizational skills are a must
Port & Shopping Presenters are required to complete and submit an End of Voyage Package consisting of general paperwork and a video tape of your presentations
Proficiency in Microsoft Office and general email programs is required for daily communication with the PPI office

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