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Loc de munca - 1st Officer - extern

1st Officer - Norwegian Cruise Line


Available Position
1st Officer


The First Officer is on behalf of the Master, in command during his/her watch. Under the STCW the officer of the watch (OOW) is the master's representative with the primary responsibility the safety of navigation. The OOW is in charge of the navigational watch, until properly relieved. In all questions related to the vessel's navigation the OOW is directly subordinate to the Master.

He/she shall always monitor the bridge operation and precisely communicate with the co-navigator, on all decisions related to the navigational, safety, security and environmental aspects of the operations.

See Education.

* Unlimited Officer of the Watch certification (II/1)
* GMDSS Certification
* STCW Certification

Must have passenger ship experience.

* Holds appropriate licenses and certificates as required by regulations.
* Hold a GMDSS Certificate.
* Has full knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the company's SEMS related to his position.
* Have a full knowledge and understanding of his emergency duties and the Safety Organization according to the Emergency Plan and Station Bill, the content and use of the Navigation Standards Manual, the STCW 95 Convention, and the Bridge Procedures Guide, 3rd Ed. (Int'l Chamber of Shipping).
* For new assignments and promotion, must have passed the Marine Profile evaluation and assessment.
* Good communication skills

The 1st Officer shall ensure that the bridge is operated in accordance with all applicable regulations and company policies, during all prevailing circumstances and conditions.

In performing watch-keeping duties, the 1st Officer shall be familiar with the voyage plan and the Captain's standing and specific orders. The 1st Officer shall ensure that due consideration is given to all safety, security, and environmental regulations. The Captain shall be notified immediately in any of the cases outlined by the STCW 95 convention, chapter VIII, part 3, paragraph 40, or any other case that the OOW is in doubt. Despite the requirement to notify the Captain immediately, the OOW shall not hesitate to take immediate action for the safety of the ship, where circumstances so require.

The 1st Officer shall ensure that the members of the bridge team are aware of, and properly perform their duties. While in port the 1st Officer shall, from the bridge monitor the gangways, supervise the moorings and be aware of any significant work in progress. The 1st Officer is responsible to ensure that all alarm and safety panels are monitored effectively. He/she shall be alert for weather changes at sea and in port. He/she shall notify the Master, or in his absence the Staff Captain at once, and take corrective actions as the need arises, especially in situations when the safe mooring or anchoring could be compromised.

The 1st Officer shall be familiar with the Navigational Standards Manual, and shall ensure that all procedures and checks are conducted in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.

The 1st Officer shall be familiar and competent with the use of the NAPA system and the computation of the vessel's stability on normal and damage conditions. He/she is responsible for this system during his/she watch.

Log the course of events on his/her watch, and follow all requirements of the SEMS. (Checklists etc.)

Familiarize himself/herself with the other bridge Officers' duties and work closely with and acquire knowledge of the duties of the Chief Officer, Security Officer, Safety Manager and the Fire Fighter, for future development and preparation for promotions.
Special Requirements:

The 1st Officer will be assigned other duties, besides the watch keeping duties. Depending on their nature, these duties will be supervised and monitored by either the Captain or the Staff Captain. The first officer will be responsible for the maintenance records, the condition and operational status of any equipment or component associated within his area of responsibility. Requisitions for spare parts must be submitted to the Staff Captain for approval and they should be based in sound economic evaluations. The first officer must ensure that any subordinates assigned to them are given the necessary instruction for the proper performance in their duties. Distribution of duties will be subjected to individual evaluation and they may be temporary or permanent, within a service term, specific vessel or itinerary. In any case the Captain or the Staff Captain must ensure that this issue is clearly communicated and that the specific expectations are explained to the individual officers. The Captain decides which of the Officers will be the Navigation Officer, judging out of the officers' experience and competence.

A. Lifesaving EquipmentEnsure that the operational readiness, maintenance and inspections of the life saving appliances comply with SOLAS Chapter III Reg. 20.

Area of responsibility:

* Life boats
* Life rafts
* Launching appliances
* Flotation devices (if any)
* Life jackets
* Life rings

The following is the supporting documentation for each appliance:

* Keep a checklist for use when carrying out the inspections required by regulation 20.7 of chapter III. (SOLAS).
* Maintain and repair instructions.
* Schedule periodic maintenance.
* Diagram of lubrication points with the recommended lubricants.
* List of replaceable parts.
* Log records of inspections and maintenance.

The First Officer shall support the Fire Fighter in training and maintenance of the fire fighting equipment.

He/she shall ensure that all watertight doors are operated daily and inspected at least once a week, according to SOLAS, Chapter II-1 Regulation 24. He/she shall ensure that a record of all tests, drill and inspections are entered in the logbook with a detailed description of any defects that have been disclosed (Ref SOLAS II-1, Regulation 25). Drills and weekly inspections should also be logged in the maintenance program. Daily operation should be logged in the logbook only.

He/she shall supervise the testing of the fire screen doors on a weekly basis, ensuring that all fire screen doors are tested for function at least monthly. The testing of the fire screen doors on a weekly basis, ensuring that all fire screen doors are tested for function at least monthly. Tests shall be entered in the maintenance system. Any defects or malfunctions shall be promptly reported to the technical department and the Staff Captain.

B. Safety TrainingThe first officer shall, in conjunction with the Safety Manager, Security Officer and other marine officers, train the crew, both in regular drills and in smaller groups to ensure that the entire crew is familiar with their duties in the Safety Organization. The training shall be organized in a monthly schedule (Safety Calendar) prepared by the Safety Manager, and approved by the Master. For certification purposes, the crew training in handling the lifeboats should be the primary responsibility of the second officer with the cooperation of the Safety Manager.

C. SecurityThe first officer shall assist the Security Officer in his/her daily duties and responsibilities when needed, and support him/her in investigation, gangway duties etc. Also, he/she shall assist the Security Officer in necessary Security training. Staff Captain shall assign him/her to these duties when needed.

Please send your CV to shipboardresumes@ncl.com; please write "First Officer" in the subject line.

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